*Ability is what you can do.
Motivation determines what you do.
Attitudedetermines how well you do it.*

*Don't be afraid to admit when you know you are wrong,
It is not a sign of weakness,but shows character and responsibility,Others will respect you for that.*

*Always do the right things,
even when everyone does as they please
with no consideration for the feelings of others.*

*Never compromise your values and beliefs,
even if it means risking ridicule and rejection.*

*Be true to yourself.*

*Live your own life and don't allow others
to decide what is best for you,
If you do, you will be unhappy because you're untrue to yourself.*

*Refuse to run away from the things that scare you,
Confront these situations and overcome your fears
so that you may grow as a person.*

*Don't compare yourself to others,
You are unique special being and therefore
you should express your individuality.*

*Happiness keeps u Sweet, Trials keep u Strong,
Sorrow keeps u Human , Failure Keeps u Humble,
Success keeps u Glowing,But only God Keeps u Going.*

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