Unix Commands

cat - display or concatenate files
cd - change directory
chmod - change the permissions on a file or directory
cp - copy a file
date - display the current date and time
diff - display differences between text files
file - determine the type of a file
find - find files of a specified name or type
ftp - file transfer program
grep - searches files for a specified string or expression
gzip - compress a file
help - display information about bash builtin commands
info - read online documentation
kill - kill a process
lpr - print out a file
ls - list names of files in a directory
man - display an on-line manual page
mkdir - make a directory
more - scan through a text file page by page
mv - move or rename files or directories
nice - change the priority at which a job is being run
passwd - change your password
ps - list processes
pwd - display the name of your current directory
quota - disk quota and usage
rm - remove files or directories
rmdir - remove a directory
sort - sort and collate lines
slogin - secure remote login program
telnet - remote login program

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