QTP Script For Composing Mail in Yahoo

SystemUtil.Run "iexplore","www.yahoo.com"
Set b= Browser("Name:=yahoo.*").Page("Title:=Yahoo.*")
b.Link("Name:=Sign In").Click
b.WebEdit("Name:=Login").set "abc"
b.WebEdit("Name:=Passwd").set "def"
b.WebButton("Name:=Sign In").Click
b.Webtable("Name:=Check Mail").WebButton("Name:=Compose").Click
b.WebEdit("Name:=BODY").Set"See This Message"

Descriptive Programming(QTP Script) for Yahoo Login Page


jack said...

Posted this link in www.surfurls.com

F n K said...

Thanx jack

Anonymous said...

I am automating test cases using QTP, my application is a trading application. Now, there's a test case of Order Amend, for which one needs to enter an order, then open the orderbook and highlight the specific order and click on Amend. Now, when I record this, it doesn't record the step for highlighting/selecting the right order in the rows of the orders in orderbook. But, even if I just want to select the topmost in that row, its not doing it. How'd I go about this problem?

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