QTP Script to get Version Number,Folder path of QTP installed in System

Script to get folder path where the QTP is installed in your system.

msgbox environment.Value("ProductDir")

D:\Program Files\Mercury Interactive\QuickTest Professional

Script to get name of product(QTP)in your system.

msgbox environment.Value("ProductName")

QuickTest Professional

Script to get qtp version(No.)installed in your system.

msgbox environment.Value("ProductVer")


QTP Script to Find Name of Operating System and Its Version

QTP Script to find name of your Operating System.

msgbox environment.Value("OS")

QTP Script to find Version of your Operating System.

msgbox environment.Value("OSVersion")

QTP Script to Find Local Host Name of your System

QTP Script To Delete File From Particular Location

QTP Script to delete particular file from particular location.

Set f = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")


The Above Script will remove(delete)notepad naming file1(text file)from D drive.

QTP Script To Create File

Data Driven Testing Using Notepad

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