Navigation To Get Line Numbers In Expert View

Follow below navigation to get line numbers in expert view(QTP).

Tools -> Editor Options -> General tab -> Check show line numbers check box and click on OK button.

Data Driven Testing

SQL Queries Collection

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QTP Faqs

SQL Faqs

Descriptive Programming to Capture Tool Tip Text in QTP

Tooltip:A tooltip is a small pop-up window that appears when a user pauses the mouse pointer over an element.

QTP Script to capture tooltip.
Below script is for capturing tooltip of textbox in google Site.
msgbox a

QTP Script to capture tooltip of image.
msgbox b

QTP Script to capture tooltip of link.
msgbox c

Datatable Methods
Script for Connecting to Database
Movie Songs Lyrics
SQL Queries Collection

Descriptive Programming For Playing a Video in Youtube

QTP Script to play a video(qtp scripts)in Youtube.

Browser("name:=YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.").Page("title:=YouTube.*").WebEdit("name:=search_query","html id:=masthead-search-term").Set "qtp scripts"
Browser("name:=YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.").Page("title:=YouTube.*").WebButton("name:=Search","html id:=search-button").Click
Browser("name:=YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.").Page("title:=YouTube.*").Link("name:=QTP Scripts","html id:=video-long-title-qI_5rL7iGkI").Click

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