QTP Script to get Excelsheet Rowcount and Columncount

QTP Script To retrieve no.of columns and no.of rows in an excelsheet.

In excelsheet we have values as shown below

1 aa ll
2 bb aa
3 cc xx
4 dd mm
5 ee ii

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VBScript to get rowcount and columncount.

Set a= CreateObject("Excel.Application")
Set b=a.workbooks.open("d:\es.xls")
Set c=b.worksheets("Sheet1")
column_count= c.usedrange.columns.count
row_count= c.usedrange.rows.count
Msgbox "No.of Columns="&column_count
Msgbox "No.of Rows="&row_count


No.of Columns=3
No.of Rows=5

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Anonymous said...

Seems like I have found some cases where the data range function is inaccurate...
As a requirement we expect any sheets to be utilized have column headings. So the following example is a function to locate a specific column to be inspected. You can see the logic here continues checking columns until the cell is empty:
Private Function XLS_FindColumn(objExcel, ColName)
Dim y
Dim strTemp

XLS_FindColumn = -1
y = 1
Err.Number = 0
Do Until objExcel.Cells(1,y).Value = ""
strTemp = objExcel.Cells(1, y).Value
If strComp(strTemp, ColName, 1) = 0 Then
XLS_FindColumn = y
Exit Do
End If
y = y+1
On Error Resume Next 'Added to make importing compatible
strTemp = objExcel.Cells(1,y).Value = ""
If Err.Number <> 0 Then Exit Function
On Error Goto 0 'Disable Error Handling
End Function

Anonymous said...

I am assuming this code checks how many columns there are in excel.

What if I know the row I am using, how do I count the number of columns that have valid data in that row and be able to retrieve each columns data per that row and use it in my QTP script?


Anonymous said...

i want to retrve row from excelsheet by using qtp..

can u suggest me some answer

Anonymous said...

This works fine. But, can anyone please let me know how to do the same without opening a new instance of excel.

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